Martin Behr

Martin has released 2 instrumental CDs as a solo artist and is currently recording his third solo CD. He gigs with the Iron Maiden-Tribute-Band "KILLERZ" and the Rock-Band "Sunny Skies".

Martin started playing guitar at the age of fifteen after playing flute, piano and accordion. Eager to progress quickly he started taking lessons with GIT-graduates Felix Schmeing and Carol Knauber. In 1988 he teamed up with bass virtuoso Rolf Sander (now KILLERZ and Queen Kings) and Andi Altmeier (now KILLERZ and Sunny Skies) to form the instrumental and experimental band REVERSE who released two demos. Two years later he enrolled at MGI (Munich Guitar Institute) and graduated in 1991. While studying guitar, he formed the Funk-Rock Band BAD LUCY BOND who released two demos.

In 1992 he joined the Rock-Band BABY'S IN BLACK, who released the CD "Between" in 1995. After the breakup of REVERSE, he started working on his first solo-CD "Keeping the balance" which was released in 1994. His versatile profile and interest in different musical styles got him some gigs with iranian singer/composer Siavash Ghomeyshi and he composed and recorded two soundtracks for the computer-games "MÄX!" and "Mobility"; he even played dark wave with Danger de mort on two CDs and live.

In 1999 he released his second instrumental album "Law of the jungle" featuring Rolf Sander on bass and Alex Bisch (Martigan) on drums. Martin has played the german Jemfest three times, sharing the bill with shredding buddies Ricky Garcia, Marcel Coenen and Eric Vandenberg. In 2002 he played guitar on the pop-rock album "Catwalk Autobahn" by Oliver Burg.

Martin cooperates with Agostin Custom Guitars, Steavens Custom Amplification and MOEN Effects Pedals and can be seen on various DVDs with the Sunny Skies.



SUNNY SKIES headlining the big open air gig "Rhein in Flammen" in Bonn

Presentation of STEAVENS amps at Musikmesse Frankfurt


SUNNY SKIES release their fourth DVD "Celebrating 40 years"


Martin does some video presentatins for STEAVENS.

Martin records his third solo instrumental CD and plays with Sunny Skies,
KILLERZ and Bonnsters.

Martin becomes PEDALBOOTS endorser.


Martin becomes STEAVENS endorser.


Together with (KILLERZ-member) Armin Rave,
Martin produces and plays guitar on the "HaniSauLand-Hymne"
which will be released in 2010.

Martin plays acoustic gigs with KOKG.

Martin does some video presentations for MOEN.


Martin becomes MOEN endorser.

SUNNY SKIES release their third DVD "Rock meets Classic 2008". 


SUNNY SKIES release their second DVD "35 Jahre Jubilee Tour"


SUNNY SKIES release their first DVD "Rock meets Classic". 

Martin plays the third german JEMFEST.


 Martin joins SUNNY SKIES.

Martin plays the second german JEMFEST.


Martin plays Acoustic with OLIVER BURG and Metal with KILLERZ.


Release of "Catwalk Autobahn" by OLIVER BURG. Martin plays all acoustic
and electric guitars and produces and mixes the CD together
with Christoph Selbach.

Martin produces the CD "Dead end country" with Highheels
at "The Jungle".

Martin plays at the german JEMFEST sharing the bill with
Ricky Garcia, Marcel Coenen and Eric Vandenberg.


 Martin plays with KILLERZ.


 Foundation of Iron Maiden Tribute Band KILLERZ.

DANGER DE MORT release their fourth CD "Wonderland" with Martin
on electric guitar.

Martin produces the CD "Coma Blue" with Free Rein at "The Jungle".


 TIMELESS disbands.


Release of Martin's second solo instrumental CD "Law of the jungle".

Martin produces the CD "Full Moon" with Abolishment at "The Jungle".

Martin records the soundtrack for the computer game "Mobility"

Martin plays with PUMP! for a few gigs.

TIMELESS release their first demo CD.


Martin plays with CALYPTUS who play latin american rock. 

Martin produces "Crescendo" with Jack Slater at "The Jungle".

Martin starts recording "Law of the Jungle" at ... "The Jungle".


Martin builds his 24 track studio "The Jungle".

Martin records the soundtrack for the computer game "MÄX!" (MAEX!)

DANGER DE MORT release their third CD "Tears of passion" with Martin
on electric guitar.

Foundation of TIMELESS featuring Mirko Bäumer, Rolf Sander, Alex
Bisch and Leo Gatzweiler.

Martin leaves UNDER COVER.


UNDER COVER release their first CD "Greatest Hits".

BABY'S IN BLACK disbands.

Martin starts playing gigs with dark wave band DANGER DE MORT.
They also play at the large german festival "Rheinkultur".


 BABY'S IN BLACK release their first CD "Between", recorded to 24 tracks.

Martin plays with iranian singer/composer Siavash Ghomeyshi.

BAD LUCY BOND disbands.


REVERSE disbands due to Rolf Sander joining STS 8 Mission
and the drummer moving too far away.

Martin releases his first instrumental solo CD "Keeping the balance"
featuring Rolf Sander and Ralph Pompe on bass and Bodo Hoecker
on drums. About half the CD is recorded at home using a four track,
the other half is recorded in a 16 track studio.

Foundation of BABY'S IN BLACK who play as it was then called
"radio friendly rock" spiced up with a healthy dose of funk and
modern guitar playing.

Foundation of UNDER COVER who play hard and heavy cover versions.


REVERSE release their second demo on tape.

BAD LUCY BOND release their first and second demo on tape.


REVERSE release their first demo on tape. 

Martin teaches up to 35 guitar students a week.


Foundation of BAD LUCY BOND who write and play funky pop rock in a
power trio plus vocals format.

Martin graduates from MGI (Muenchener Gitarren Institut).


Martin founds REVERSE with Rolf Sander (now Queen Kings / KILLERZ)
on bass and Andi Altmeier (now KILLERZ / Sunny Skies). REVERSE write
and play instrumental progressive rock trying out every scale in every
style in every key and meter.

Martin enrolls at MGI (Muenchener Gitarren Institut).