Sunny Skies
Celebrating 40 Years

We played about three hours at the
Brueckenforum in Bonn and had the
"Hofgarten Orchester", the choir
"Bonn Voice", two male and three
female singers playing with us. Our
forth DVD is playing 135 hours in

I played my Fender Relic Strat,
STEAVENS Brian35 into 2x12 open
back cabinet and pedalboard as
well as a Yamaha APX accoustic
and am very very happy with the
guitar tone.

  1. Intro
  2. Hot Stuff
  3. Like the way I do
  4. Bring me some water
  5. Addicted to love
  6. Rocking all over the world
  7. Nothing else matters
  8. Joyful joyful
  9. Save me
  10. The show must go on
  11. Let it rain
  12. My life would suck wo/ you
  13. Radar love
  14. Hurt
  15. You oughta know
  16. Hallelujah
  17. Nobody's wife
  18. Heavy cross
  19. Highway star
  20. Perfect strangers
  21. Smoke on the water
  22. Somebody to love
  23. Bohemian rhapsody
  24. We are the champions

Sunny Skies
Rock meets classic

Our third and by far biggest
go on the combination of
Sunny Skies and the Bonner
Hofgarten Orchester on the
Museumsplatz in front of 4.000
people. Songs 5, 6, 9, 15, 16 and 17
feature the band and orchestra
playing together. I played two strats
through my rack and a Yamaha
APX accoustic guitar on this gig.

The DVD also features some sort
of making of.
  1. I'm so excited
  2. Whole lotta rosie
  3. Wagner: Rienzi-Ouverture
  4. Too much love will kill you
  5. Nothing else matters
  6. Hurricane 2000
  7. With a little help
  8. Bizet: Farandole
  9. Hurt
  10. Tom Traubert's blues
  11. Marques: Danzon No. 2
  12. Son of a preacher man
  13. Rocking all over the world
  14. Brahms: Ungarischer Tanz
    No. 5
  15. Live and let die
  16. Music
  17. We are the champions

Sunny Skies
35 Jahre Jubilee Tour

Concert in the famous "Harmonie"
in Bonn celebrating 35 years of
Sunny Skies.
DVD features great singers
Nadine Weyer and Alex Krienke.
Alex and I play three rock classics
as a duo on just acoustic guitar
and vocals including "Stairway
to heaven".
I am playing my blue RG and
Art1 Ibanez guitars and
my Koa/Pau Ferro Tom Anderson
through my rack into a cab.
  1. Gimme some lovin
  2. I'm so excited
  3. The Best
  4. Angels
  5. Black velvet
  6. Son of a preacher man
  7. Bad case of loving you
  8. Don't speak
  9. Ironic
  10. With a little help...
  11. Too much love will kill you
  12. Wanted dead or alive
  13. Gimme all your love
  14. Stairway to heaven
  15. Rockin' all over the world
  16. Here I go again
  17. Nobody's wife
  18. Johnny B. Goode
  19. American Pie
  20. White flag
  21. Like the way I do
  22. Highway to hell
  23. Alone

Sunny Skies
Rock meets Classic

Concert of Sunny Skies playing
together with the Hofgarten
We did this two times and it has
been great every time! My father is
still enthuse about the gig,
especially Alex' interpretation of
Tom Traubert's Blues. The DVD
contains Tracks with orchestra
alone, with the Skies as well as
songs with the Skies alone.
As far as I remember I play my
Digitech RP50 through a tube
head so I could have all the
sounds I needed quick. That's
Jaenne Altfeld and Alex Krienke
on vocals.

  1. Ungarischer Marsch
  2. Whole lotta Rosie
  3. I'm so excited
  4. Angels
  5. Son of a preacher man
  6. Peer-Gynt-Suiten
  7. Stop!
  8. American Pie
  9. Ironic
  10. With a little help
  11. Nussknackersuiten, Auszüge
  12. Like the way I do
  13. Highway to hell
  14. Alone
  15. You oughta know
  16. Don't give up
  17. Tom Traubert's Blues
  18. Music
  19. Hurricane 2000

Oliver Burg

Oliver came back to Bonn
after a few years in NY singing
broadway and writing music
and asked me to play on his
album. After hearing the demos
he didn't have to ask twice!
For this album I used my
sunburst American Standard and
Jeff Beck a lot. There's also lots
of acoustic guitars on it to support
Oliver's singer/songwriter-style:
Ovation, my 12-string Aria and a
beautiful sounding (unfortunately
just borrowed) Rodrigez classical
guitar. Oliver had become a real
close friend and passed away
tragically in 2005.
  1. Out of my dreams
  2. Magic Potion
  3. All these tomorrows
  4. Till the end
  5. Dancing
  6. Never fear the rain
  7. Nothing but listen
  8. Big surprise
  9. Summerdays
  10. Quintessential girl
  11. Sing me a love song
  12. Witchcraft
  13. Prayer
  14. I saw your eyes tonight


Danger de mort

My second collaboration with
the Dark Wave-Band Danger
de mort. My playing is featured
on tracks 1, 3 and 4. To keep it
simple equipmentwise (and
dark), I just used my Ibanez
7-strings through the Mesa
V-Twin into my Laney 30-Watt
  1. Looser
  2. Fever
  3. Feels so good
  4. Manworld
  5. Dust
  6. Glasscage
  7. Yesterday
  8. Memories
  9. Mystic
  10. Let me go
  11. Thunder
  12. Last word
  13. Painful
  14. Mastermoon
  15. Wonderland
  16. Never trust a klingon

Martin Behr
Law of the jungle

My second CD as a solo artist.
Guitars all over the place. Mainly
my Ibanez Custom Shops through
my rack into a Marshall cabinet.
Also features quite some acoustic
guitars (Ovation, Aria and
Takamine). Stylistically this CD
goes through just about anything
that's even vaguely related to rock
or metal. Features great playing
by Rolf Sander and Alex Bisch.
This is a real powertrio record!
  1. Law of the jungle
  2. Wild chase
  3. Stirred not shaken
  4. Colorado feeling
  5. Three days in a row
  6. Remarkable rocks
  7. Snow and fun
  8. Floating
  9. Constant confusion
  10. Funk jam
  11. The party part
  12. Addiction
  13. Memories


Soundtrack to the computer game
"Mobility" by GLAMUS. A few tracks
feature guitars and some are based
on loops to support the feeling of a
crowded city. Fruitful collaboration
with versatile keyboard player Leo
Gatzweiler (Ex-Mayqueen, now
with Sunny Skies - you allways
meet twice!).
  1. Mobility Introduction
  2. Clear road
  3. Car wash
  4. Road construction ahead!
  5. One way street
  6. Eleven p.m.
  7. Signs

Danger de mort
Tears of passion

I met singer Lars when they where
looking for guitarist to play some live
gigs. I had never played dark wave
but I liked the combination of
electronic sounds and a real guitar.
Also they were about to enter the
studio for this recording at that time
so I jumped on it. We did all my
parts in one session and of course
it's all 7-string guitar through
a Marshall head (recorded
direct with speaker simulation).
I am featured on tracks 2, 5, 8
and 12. I even managed to smuggle
in some leads.

  1. Intro
  2. Elements
  3. Valun
  4. Present
  5. Le chien
  6. Question
  7. Deja vu
  8. Tears of passion
  9. Faces
  10. Controversy
  11. Last generation
  12. Sunday
  13. Private law
  14. Powerless
  15. Computerlove
  16. Frontier
  17. Present

Free Tribute Project
Feel Free

Studioproject redoing two Free-
classics with Xaver Drexler on
vocals (Ex-STS 8 Mission, now
with Gun Barrel),Martin Szalay
on bass (now Mayqueen), Oliver
Rebhan (Martigan) on keys and
Bernd Gummersbach (Under Cover)
on drums.

  1. Wishing well
  2. Heartbreaker


Soundtrack to the computer game
"Mäx!" by GLAMUS. Lots of guitars!
Very creative collaboration with
keyboard wizard Oliver Rebhan
(Progressive Rock Band Martigan).
Funny Jump and run game, of
course I played through it! Tracks
are simply named after the level
they appear in. The hero of the
game (a waterdrop) has to make
his way from the clouds to the well
to become mineral water.Stuff for
a big hollywood production...
  1. Pop-up jingle
  2. Introdution
  3. Himmel
  4. Wald
  5. Erde
  6. Gestein
  7. Mineral
  8. Lava
  9. Brunnenbohrung

Under Cover
Greatest Hits

Rock Cover Band I used to play
with until about 1997. Lots of
  1. Gimme´ some lovin´
  2. Jump
  3. You shook me all night long
  4. Summer of ´69
  5. Action
  6. Detroit rock ctiy
  7. All right now
  8. Love hurts
  9. Highway star
  10. Number of the beast
  11. Since you´ve been gone
  12. Radar love
  13. Ballroom Blitz
  14. Here I go again

Baby's in Black

In the eighties you would have
called this "radio friendly rock",
today this style doesn't go on air
too often...
Wild guitars all over the place,
female vocals and often a funky
groove. Cool rock record with a
great sound and lots of guitars.
Equipment used is basically the
same rack I use today with ADA,
Rocktron into Marshall poweramp
and Cab, mainly Takamine
for acoustics.
  1. Tryin' to hold you
  2. Streetkids
  3. Real love
  4. Soul to soul
  5. Come to me
  6. Every day and night
  7. Afraid of the night
  8. Missing you
  9. Lady
  10. Feel it
  11. Follow you through the night
  12. Let's dance
  13. Once in a lifetime
  14. Don't tell your children lies

Martin Behr
Keeping the balance

My first CD as a solo artist...and
my first CD at all. This one's
partially recorded on my 4-track
at home as well as at Fun
Beethoven Studios with Ralf
Hofmann. I have great memories
of this period, very exciting times.
Main setup is Ibanez guitars
through an ADA MP-1 into a
Marshall 50 Watt head into a
Marshall cabinet.
  1. The graveyard
  2. Keeping the balance
  3. Used and abused
  4. Cool wind in my hair
  5. Glowing tubes
  6. Go ahead!
  7. Water
  8. Highway
  9. Hot rod

Bad Lucy Bond
Second Demo (Tape)

This demo is recorded at Fun
Beethoven Stutios where I later
recorded my debut solo CD. These
two tracks are hard driven funk.

  1. Down and out of power
  2. Out to get you

Bad Lucy Bond
First Demo (Tape)

Move me is a funky up tempo tune
while Mr. Time is played on a
12-string Ovation that I had
borrowed from a local music store.
The demo was recorded onto an
eight track machine at our
rehearsal room and mixed on a
bigger desk by our singer.

  1. Move me
  2. Mr. Time

Second Demo (Tape)

The second Reverse-Demo with
Matthias Phillipzen on drums. All
tracks were played live onto an
eight track machine. Features Water
which I rerecorded later for my first
solo-CD and Colorado Feeling
which we rerecorded for Law of the
jungle. Of course Invention No. 1 is
written by J.S.Bach.

  1. Pyjama party
  2. Colorado Feeling
  3. Funk Jam
  4. Invention No. 1
  5. Water

First Demo (Tape)

Our first demo recorded in a small
studio featuring Rolf Sander on
bass and Christian Weikl on
drums. Founding drummer was
Andi Altmeier with whom I now
play in KILLERZ as well as
Sunny Skies.

  1. Reverse
  2. Stomp machine
  3. Shaking legs