Martin's amps and effects

Martin proudly endorses STEAVENS amps and MOEN effects pedals.



The STEAVENS Thunderstruck II (50 Watt Version) is an extremely versatile and fantastic sounding 4 channel tube amp that can cover all musical styles. The 2x12 XL cab is loaded with Celestion G12H Anniversary and V30. I have pedals from my board in front of the amp as well as in the loop. I can walk into any gig with my Agostin Drop Top and the Thunderstruck and get every tone I need.

Official STEAVENS info:
The ThunderStruck is a four channel Monster of Rock loaded with a quartet of EL34 ́s or 6L6 ́s. The four independent Channels CLEAN, CRUNCH, MEAT and HEAT are featuring individual Gain, Tone and Volume Controls. The 2 switchable Master Volumes can be assigned to each of the Channels and stored in the memory. The ThunderStruck is MIDI switchable and capable of roaming any style you want confidently.
The amp not only delivers classic sounds from sweet
clean tones to massive high gain, but cuts through every mix. CLEAN:
covers all bell ringing clean tones up to slighly overdriven blues sounds.
starts at slightly overdriven and can turn in the british or american style, depending on the combination of gain setting and boost selections. SRV, AC/DC or early VH tones were the
origins of this channel.
beefing up the CRUNCH channel with an extra gain tube stage, that ́s what the MEAT Channel is all about. It delivers more gain and saturation for heavy rhythm styles.
this channel is high gain at full throttle, sweet singing, liquid metal and it still capture every articulation detail of your guitar playing. You do not need to compromise to achieve your desired tonal palette. Next to the channel selection a switchable
Gain Boost, Mid Shift and FX-Loop can also be assigned to each Channel individually.
The internal memory is capable to store 100 programs of channel selection, boost and FX Loop settings and can be switched via MIDI. Gold plated relay contacts are used for all switching, with no solid state device involved in the signal path.

On stage with the STEAVENS Brian 35, a 35 Watt class A Tube amp with an EL84 power amp and plenty of tone shaping options and 4 basic sounds from two independant channels. It produces gorgeous clean tones and sweet overdrive sounds and also reaches into high gain territory using STEAVENS' "Steroid boost". Also features an effects loop that can be adjusted from series to parallel and can be taken out of the signal chain for purist studio use. I use it with a half open back STEAVENS cabinet loaded with Celestion G12H anniversary and V30.

Session Board (Small Gator)
I use this board for rehearsals as well as gigs with rented backlines. It contains the MOEN Tube Drive for dynamic low gain crunch, the Catalinbread Silver Kiss Mk II for mid gain and the Guv'nor for High Gain. Everything is wired to the MOEN Looper for easy switching (Bypass all - Loop A for low gain - Loop B for high gain - Tuner Mute). It also contains the MOEN Phaser, Boss Flanger and Delay and the Solo Switch for... you guessed it...switching to a higher solo level. It is acutally passive so it lowers the rhythm level and "lets loose" on the leads.

Pedalboard (Large Gator)
This board is mainly used for the SUNNY SKIES and sessions as it delivers a lot of great and very authentic vintage sounds. This versatile board features the MOEN Holy Choir, Overdrive, Uni Comp and Violent Metal, Catalinbread Silver Kiss MKII, Boss Digital Reverb, Ibanez Digital Modulation Delay, Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic modded by Tonehunter (Ralf Reichen), Ibanez Tuner and the brand new programmable MOEN GEC434 which does the main switching with 4 loops, Tuner Mute and Solo Boost.

You can find an in depth description of this board and the switching on YouTube (search: MOEN GEC).
Rack with cabinets
This has been my main setup for about 16 years now with only slight changes. I use it on every KILLERZ gig and in the studio. The signal goes straight into the ADA MP-1 to the Replifex and then into the Marshall poweramp to 1 or 2 Marshall cabinets. One cab is a classic 300 Watt cab with 75 Watt speakers that I usually play with KILLERZ and the other is fitted with Greenbacks for a sweeter, more vintage sound that is better suited for the Sunny Skies. At very large gigs and for recordings I sometimes use both for more power or to be able to get stereo effects directly from the rig without processing from the mixing board. The rack also features a tuner so that I can mute the signal with my controller and tune silently on stage at every time. The rack is controlled by a Rocktron All Access and I have 5 instant access switches assigned to different effects so they can be switched on and off within every preset. That gives me the spontaniety of a pedalboard with the convinience of Midi-switching. The expression pedal controlls one parameter within each preset and is usually assigned to volume but it can also get assigned to the delay time or chorus level for instance.

Guitar Synthesizer
The Roland GR-30 allows me to use every synthesizer sound on the guitar. I have a GK-2 system installed on my USA Standard Stratocaster and the GR-30 converts the signal to Midi so I can use saxophone, flute, organ or string sounds for example. I use it from time to time for playing parts into a sequenzer or sometimes even on stage. The tracking is very good and the sounds are phenomenal; people are really baffled when they hear it and some start looking for someone playing the particular instrument before they realize it's coming from the guitar. As you can see I use the volume pedal and double footswitch from Pedalboard #3. I would love to do a project where I use it live extensively but time is limited.